Thank you for your interest in publishing with Deseret Book.

Deseret Book is a publisher and retailer that publishes and promotes a variety of books, all of which reflect the values espoused by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Books we are interested in will be

  1. Of value to our readers. Readers should feel they are better people for having read the book and that they are getting good value for their money. The book should uplift and inspire.
  2. Well-written and well-researched. Poor writing and careless research greatly increase editing and production costs and often indicate less-quality work. The book should be clean of offensive material, including profanity, vulgarity, excessive violence, or sexually explicit or suggestive scenes.
  3. Unique. The book should stand out by providing a new approach and insights to the subject. It should not merely reiterate material and ideas already available in other works.

Due to a backlog of submissions and manuscripts already in development in key categories, we are currently not accepting unsolicited manuscripts for the following genres: Gospel Teachings, History, Biography, Self-Help and Scripture Reference. When needs change for these genres, we will change this message.

In addition, we are not interested in the following genres: business and finance, cookbooks, family histories, memoirs, poetry, or personal journals.

In the meantime, we will still receive submissions for: Inspiration, Family/Parenting, Children’s (including middle-grade), Youth and Fiction. We will consider manuscripts that are being submitted simultaneously to other publishers; however, please let us know you are submitting elsewhere so misunderstandings can be avoided.

Our Imprints

In addition to books published under the Deseret Book imprint, we also appeal to a values-based, general market through our Shadow Mountain and Ensign Peak imprints. While both imprints are intended for a national market, Shadow Mountain specializes in non-religious books while Ensign Peak titles are generally religious in nature. To learn more about Shadow Mountain or to submit a manuscript intended for this imprint, please visit The Ensign Peak website is currently in development. In the meantime, please submit manuscripts intended for this imprint through Deseret Book. Please note that all submissions submitted through the Deseret Book and Shadow Mountain websites go through the same review process and will be considered for all three imprints.

LDS Living Magazine, Shadow Mountain Records, and Excel Entertainment are also divisions of Deseret Book. To submit an article query to LDS Living or a music demo to Shadow Mountain Records, please visit their individual websites. For questions regarding Excel Entertainment, please contact Arthur Van Wagenen at

To submit your manuscript, please follow these steps:

  1. Read our submission guidelines here.
  2. Fill out the submission form. Because we use to facilitate our submission process, you will need to login or create a new account. This will allow for easy communication regarding your submission.
  3. Allow four to five months for us to complete the review process and reply to you with our decision.
We will no longer review submissions sent to us by mail or e-mail. Hard-copy manuscripts will be returned unopened.

Kristen Evans
Acquisitions Editor
Deseret Book Publishing